There are basically three types of treadmills:

  • Walking Treadmills
  • Jogging Treadmills
  • Running Treadmills

While you can use any of these treadmills to do any of the activities above, there are certain attributes that make a treadmill great for walking. Portability, lightness, price, and size are the biggest factors most look at when choosing a treadmill for walking.

Walking Treadmill

A walking treadmill is typically lower cost, ligher, foldable, and overall a great choice for a home treadmill or a first treadmill.

Jogging Treadmill

A jogging treadmill basically provides more durability at speed, can go longer distances without strain, and generally costs a bit more than a walking treadmill. But is definitely cheaper than a treadmill for running.

Running Treadmill

A running treadmill usually costs more (for a quality unit), is sturdier (treadmill base is usually sturdier to handle the pounding of running), and has a bigger motor to keep up with faster speeds.