5 Best Surge Protectors For Treadmills

Having a treadmill in your home is a fantastic way to shed pounds and stay in shape. However, while you’re focusing on the right care and attention for your body, what about the machine that’s helping you get there?


As with all electronic devices, treadmills need protection from surges and spikes. Because these things can happen at any time without warning, it’s imperative that you have something in place to offer such security at all times. For this reason, we are going to be looking at the best surge protectors for treadmills.


Also, assuming that you’re using a lot of other electronics in your home, you should be searching for the best surge protectors for all of your devices as well.


How to Choose a Surge Protector for Treadmills



Because most people don’t know about electricity that much, they assume that surge protectors and power strips are the same thing. While they may look similar, they have different purposes altogether.


One feature that they share, however, is adding more outlets to your grid. No matter what kind of surge protector you’re getting, it will increase your ability to plug devices in, thanks to the added outlets it provides.


Thus, when picking out the best model for your treadmill, consider what other items will be plugged into it. Lamps? A TV? A phone charger? A clock? Whatever they may be, make sure that you have enough outlets to accommodate them all.


The other thing to consider with outlets on a surge protector is whether or not they are adaptable. By this we mean if they can rotate or swivel. In some cases, these kinds of outlets can be more helpful because they allow you to put the surge protector in a less precarious or noticeable position.


Cord vs. Outlet

There are two primary types of protector you can find. First, there is the one that has a cable attached – this is probably what you imagine when you think of surge protectors. The benefit of having a cord is that it allows you to adjust the angle of the device so that you can maximize its potential.


The other benefit of corded protectors is that they offer more outlets because they can be much larger.


If you don’t want a corded model, you can opt for a surge protector that fits over the wall outlet directly. These units are much more compact and easy to transport, but they offer fewer plugins for your convenience.


Overall, you should pick the model that’s right for your needs. Since it’s meant for the treadmill, that should help you figure out which one will be better suited for your layout.


Joule Rating

Because surge protectors are all about keeping your devices (i.e., your treadmill) from getting fried, you have to be sure that it’s built strong enough to do that. What most people don’t realize about these items is that they wear down over time and have to be replaced regularly. While we don’t mean that you should get a new one every year, you should pay attention to them after a few years or so.


One way to tell that you’re getting a high-quality surge protector is by the joule rating. This number will tell you how much power can go into the system without overloading it and damaging your electronics. As a rule, the higher the number, the better it is.


However, you have to also realize that the joule rating will go down as the internal components are worn. You probably don’t know that surges are happening all the time in your electrical system – they’re just too small to make a difference. However, over time, they will wear down your protector, which is why it has to be replaced.


Automatic Shut Down

We understand that paying attention to the life of your surge protector is not something most people are willing to do. If you already know that you aren’t going to track how worn your protector will get over the years, it may be best to get one that comes with an additional line of protection – the automatic shut off.


In this case, the device will stop sending power to your devices as soon as it’s too worn to work. When this happens, you know that it’s time to replace it.


The danger, though, is that if you have electronics that need a constant power supply, it could damage them when your protector stops working altogether. If you’re worried about that happening, then you may want to invest in a high-end model that will last indefinitely (these are much more expensive, though).


Other Features

Surge protectors have a lot more to offer than you may think. Here are some extras that you may want to get when picking out the best model for your treadmill.


Indicator Light: this shows when the unit is not working correctly, or it may indicate that you are not grounded. These lights can help you understand your protector and keep it in ideal condition.

Alarm: some models will beep or buzz if there is a surge so that you’re aware that it’s happening. They will also sound the alarm when the unit is no longer capable of protecting against surges so that you know to change it.

Phone and Internet Connections: outlets aren’t the only thing that surge protectors can provide. Some models may have plugins for your phone or internet modem as well. While these lines are not as prone to surges and spikes, they can happen in some conditions, so it’s a good idea to protect them anyway.


Recommended Surge Protectors for Treadmills


Tripp Lite 1 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Power Strip

Because we’re talking about surge protectors for treadmills specifically, we are going to be paying more attention to single-outlet models. While you may want to get one that offers more plugins for other devices near your treadmill, having a single outlet version is ideal if all you’re using it for is your treadmill.


As we will see, Tripp Lite is one of the best companies out there for surge protection. They make a lot of the best models, which means that you can rely on them for high-quality reliability and performance.


In this case, this surge protector only comes with a single outlet and a 660-joule rating. However, you can upgrade to a multi-outlet model if you prefer. 660 joules is perfect for treadmills because you don’t need constant power when you’re not using it. This is also ideal for small electronics like your phone, lamps, or a laptop.


What we like about this protector is that it has two indicator lights. One will tell you if it’s grounded or not, and the other informs you if the unit is not working properly. Fortunately, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you’re covered no matter what.



Multiple outlet models available

Compact and lightweight design

Indicator lights for convenience

660-joule rating

Cost-effective model

No switch required – it’s always on

Takes up less room than corded protectors

Reduces line noise

Limited lifetime warranty



In rare cases, the unit may overheat

Not maneuverable

CyberPower CSB100W Essential Surge Protector

Although treadmills are not necessarily high-powered devices, it’s nice to have some extra protection, especially if you use the machine on a regular basis. For this reason, you may want to get something like this single outlet surge protector from CyberPower.


What we like most about this model is that it has a 900-joule rating. You can also get multiple outlets if necessary, making it an ideal choice for most households. It works on a broader range of electronics, including high-powered devices like heaters and refrigerators. However, if all you need it for is your treadmill, you can rest easy knowing that it’s protected from high-output surges and spikes.


As far as warning systems go, this one just has the one indicator light that shows that it’s working correctly. If you see red, then it’s time to replace it. Fortunately, this device comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so getting a new one is relatively easy.


The only downside of this protector is its size. It’s somewhat bulky, and the prongs in the back are not extended as far as other models. Overall, it may not fit into certain wall outlets (depending on their location), and it could come out more easily than other protectors. Thus, you want to make sure that it fits before committing to it. However, as long as you don’t move your treadmill very often, the bulk shouldn’t be an issue.



One outlet design

Compact and lightweight materials

Protected indicator light

Multiple outlets available

900-joule rating for more protection

Reduces noise

Phone line plug on the bottom

Limited lifetime warranty



Can be bulky and hard to fit into some spaces

Unplugging can remove the whole unit from the wall

Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

When picking out a surge protector for your treadmill, one thing you should pay attention to is how durable it is. While most units are made of thick plastic, this Isobar from Tripp Lite has a full metal casing, making it ideal for almost any environment. It’s not likely that you will have your treadmill plugged in outside, but if for some reason you do, you can rely on this protector to work no matter what.


Because this unit has two outlets, you can also plug in some other device (i.e., a TV). What we really like about this protector is that it has internal barriers between the outlets so that they don’t affect one another. If you’ve ever experienced noise on your TV or computer, it’s likely because another device is affecting it. That’s no longer a problem with this model.


The other thing we appreciate about this unit is the remarkable joule rating. It’s rated for up to 1410 joules, making it an ideal choice for almost any electronics in your household. No matter what you plug in beside your treadmill, you can rest easy knowing that they are in good hands.


As with other Tripp Lite Surge Protectors, this unit has a limited lifetime warranty.



Rugged housing and construction

Two outlets for multiple electronics

Incredible 1410-joule rating

No power cord required

Three diagnostic LEDs

Internal barriers add further protection

Available in black or gray

Limited lifetime warranty



In some cases, the plug may come loose from the housing

In rare instances, it may reset itself without warning

Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

If you liked the Isobar Surge Protector above, but you want something with a bit more flexibility, then you will want to get this power strip version instead. It offers all of the same power, protection, and performance, but now you can customize how you place it in your home, making it much more convenient.


This protector comes with a six-foot power cord, which is incredible for this kind of item. Most surge protectors have about a foot or less of room, making this one much more flexible. Best of all, the plug itself is at a 90-degree angle, meaning that you can plug it in behind furniture and keep it flush against the wall.


The other cool thing about this model is that it has keyholes on the back so that you can mount it on the wall if need be. Depending on your setup, it can be much better to have it installed so that you don’t risk knocking it around or flipping the switch off by accident.


Overall, this is another high-quality device from Tripp Lite. As with the other models, you get a limited lifetime warranty, so buy it with confidence.



All metal housing

Six-foot power cord

90-degree plug

Two outlets for convenience

1410-joule rating

Automatic shutdown for safety

Can be mounted on the wall

Uses isolated filter banks to reduce noise

Limited lifetime warranty



No indicator lights

May be bulky for some users

Tripp Lite 3 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Power Strip

Our final surge protector is another winner from Tripp Lite. This is more of a portable corded model, making it an ideal choice for anyone on the go. However, it also has more than enough power and performance to make it great for your treadmill as well.


What we like most about this protector is that it comes with two USB ports. Because we’re all connected to our smartphones and tablets, it’s nice to know that you can charge them directly without having to use an outlet adapter.


The other thing we like about this unit is that it comes with three outlets. That being said, one of them is on the back of the protector, so you will have to keep it on its side to utilize all three. However, the placement of the third outlet is there to allow you to keep the cord from unraveling when you’re on the go, so there’s a reason for it.


This power strip enables you to wrap the power cord around it when you’re not using, making it much more convenient and portable than most other options. Also, the lightweight plastic housing is both rugged and dependable.



Rugged plastic housing

Three outlets for convenience

Two USB ports included

18-inch flexible power cord

Built-in cord wrapping

90-degree plug angle

1050 joule rating

Lightweight for easy transport



Can’t use both USBs at the same time (not enough power)

Third outlet is on the back

Final Verdict

As you can tell, we have an affinity for Tripp Lite Surge Protectors. Although we are focusing on using these models for your treadmill, we understand that you may need them for other devices as well. For that reason, we highly recommend either the Isobar 2 with the six-foot cord or the Tripp Lite 3 with USB charging.


Both of these models are made for high-energy devices, and they will ensure that your treadmill (and any other electronics) will work for years to come. They are much more convenient and reliable than most other surge protectors you can find.