The Many Benefits of Treadmill

Many physicians recommend that everybody should have at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. This is because exercise is needed to help the body dispose of harmful toxins that destroy it functions.

It is recommended to people who are overweight as the excess fat in the body can lead to heart, liver and kidney diseases. Exercise helps the body get stronger, improve blood circulation, and can even flush out unhealthy chemicals in the bloodstream.

Physical activity can also lower depression and improve your emotional wellbeing. During a workout, the body secretes endorphins that make people happier.

Circulation to the brain is improved with exercise that makes focus on work more efficient. Migraines are dramatically reduced because of exercise.

Working out is also a good way to get over anxiety and stress. With exercise, the body releases the harmful toxins that are produced when you are stressed.

Notice that stress causes most body pains in the head, neck and back. Exercise helps the muscles relax and burn off surplus energy.

Many people suffering from depression get a lot out of physical activity, not only because of the endorphins, but overall confidence in one’s self is established because of a healthier physical disposition.

The most common forms of exercising are jogging and brisk walking. Cardio is the most important part of a workout routine because the body warms up and gets to burn the excess fat.

Typically, people enroll in gyms to work out, but with the invention of home exercise equipment, that is not necessary anymore. The most popular choice of machine is the treadmill.

What are the Benefits of Treadmills?

Using the treadmill has a lot of benefits. It is easy to use and you only have to walk on the belt at any speed or incline level that you want. The user can also choose to walk on a flat surface.

There are foldable and manually operated treadmills that do not need electricity, while there are more high powered ones that run on electricity. These machines usually have a motor inside.

Tracking of the user’s exercise can also be done with a treadmill. Most of them have heart rate monitors, timers, odometers and distance trackers that can give an idea on how much effort was exerted.

There are machines with calorie trackers that will give an idea on how many calories have been burned, or if more work must be done to meet a target.

More high-tech treadmills even have workout programs. These sophisticated and electric treadmills can be programmed to indicate targets that need to be reached on a certain day.

These programs can be fun and put the extra challenge to the workout.

Other Health Benefits of Using a Treadmill

Another great thing about a treadmill is the fact it can be used while watching TV or a movie, or listening to music. Time flies unnoticed when doing this while on the machine and the routine gets less boring.

Exercise buffs get to burn calories while catching up on the news in the morning. For home exercise machines, users can even exercise while doing the laundry or waiting for the chicken to bake. Moms love this feature that helps them multi-task while keeping fit.

Exercise doesn’t need to be dragging or a mundane chore. Users can maximize spare time while keeping fit and keeping themselves amused in the process.

As what was said earlier, the treadmill is used to lose weight. If you jog at 6 mph, you can lose as much as 220 calories in an hour. This is great to burn off the extra cups of rice you had at dinner.

If you run at 8 mph, you can lose as much as 300 calories. That is enough to burn the slice of cake you had for dessert. Cardio exercise is the best way to make the fat burning faster and healthier than liposuction.

Treadmill use is good for the heart. This is true for all types of exercise, but is generally true for the treadmill. Regular use of the treadmill strengthens the heart and lowers the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular blockage.

It is also good for lowering blood sugar and cholesterol. Remember that the heart is also a muscle. Through exercise, you can improve your heart’s strength by putting it in healthy amounts of pressure.

The body will tend to burn more energy as your heart gets more pumped.

Benefits of the Treadmill to Endurance

Aside from burning fat, muscles and bones are strengthened by the regular use of the treadmill. The focus for strengthening would be the legs, thighs and lower back.

This is why the machine is even used by people who had back and leg injuries because the muscles will heal faster with exercise. Users will start to notice that they have added flexibility and have longer endurance at work.

People who use the treadmill frequently are happier. This is because the user is getting rid of stress and killer toxins and their disposition becomes lighter and they feel better.

Mental health is improved because of better circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain. In the end, relationships with other people will also improve. Many experts also attribute better and increased sexual appetites when there is a regular exercise because the pituitary glands secrete more hormones after exercise.

Moms who are trying hard to conceive are told to exercise to elevate their hormones and be more prepared for conception.


The use of the treadmill is great for people of all ages. It is easy to use and can be adjusted according to the user’s skill level.

It is a good machine to use even for people suffering from heart ailments. The treadmill is a low investment for a million-fold of health benefits.

Not only does it make your body physically fit, but using the treadmill has a lot of emotional and psychological advantages.

The choice of the type of treadmill will depend on what you need and what you can do. Users need to evaluate their skill level and choose wisely. The money invested in the machine will make people save a lot on medical bills in the future.

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