Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill Review

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill is great for keeping fit. The belt runs quietly and smoothly and can be adjusted to 8 different speeds. The incline is not too tall and brisk walking will be comfortable with little resistance.

The product can be used by persons who weigh up to 220 pounds. It can track speed, distance, count calories and keep time.

This is a product that is ideal for people who want to stay in shape or who want to shed extra pounds. Working out is more enjoyable because you can easily pack the product.

The Confidence Fitness Manual Treadmill is compact and can be folded for easy packing inside the cabinet or can be transferred to any part of the house. It can put it in the living room or TV room and burn calories while watching movies.


  • Can be stored easily and is only 48 inches in height when folded
  • Has an odometer, time and scan monitor, timer and distance tracker
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Has 8 adjustable speeds
  • Can be used by people weighing up to 220 pounds
  • Has 12-month warranty
  • Has treadmill pad with width of 19 inches and 34 inches long

The treadmill works best for people with high blood pressure or diabetes who need to work out, but not in extreme conditions or high levels of output. The strides are small and quick, while the incline is just enough to give a little push.

Once endurance increases, the speed of the product can be increased so the resistance increases and more calories are burned.


The product brings exercise to the convenience of your own home at any time of the day. Exercising was not too strenuous but just enough to break a sweat and burn the extra calories.

The product makes users have a good walk and do it in front of the TV. The treadmill is also compact and transportable, making it convenient to bring it up and down the stairs.

It is foldable, which makes it easy to store and set up, as well as fold again with its clip-on lock.

Upon receipt of the product, it does not need to be assembled nor does it require additional instruments to be installed. The product will arrive intact and can be unfolded with ease.

Walking on the product’s inclined deck is easy while the machine runs quietly and smoothly. This is unlike other electric treadmills which made noise and inclines that were too steep.

Other products are bulky and use too much space with uncontrollable speed. The manual treadmill works better because it is easy to control and the tension is much more intense.

Manual treadmills enable users to burn more calories in only half an hour. Users can walk for one mile for an hour using this machine, while it takes three hours to complete a mile on an electric treadmill.

Aside from burning calories, users with joint problems can have therapeutic workouts because the incline is gentle and not hard on the knees.

The product is also great for people who cannot leave the house. Workouts can be performed at home simultaneously with other house chores. Because the machine is easily installed and dismantled, working out can be done in various places in the house.

For example, if the user needs to stay with a toddler while playing in his playpen, that can be easily accomplished while doing 20 minutes of walking. The portability of the machine allows users to multitask and perform work while exercising.

Because the product is easily stored and does not take up so much space, people who live in small apartments can still use it. The users will not have problems and can still have a workout from a small home.

Confidence Fitness Manual Treadmill is durable and can be used for years. It can perform well for more than a year without breaking.


A treadmill works on wheels that should be lubricated. There will be instances where the machine will not run smoothly.

Adding more lubricant will loosen jammed wheels. If the wheels are not well lubricated, using the machine will be uncomfortable.

More effort will be required to walk on it. For users who want a quick morning pep up, an unlubricated treadmill will cause frustration and hassle to a toxic morning.

Every person has individual skill levels. For inexperienced walkers, the incline will appear to be too high. Unfortunately, the machine’s incline cannot be adjusted and will not be suited for users who have difficulty walking on an inclined slope.

Users may also have difficulty maintaining balance and will have to hold on the bars just to gain momentum. The machine can be unsafe for people who are not skilled in walking on elevated surfaces.


  • Quiet and smooth magnetic resistance with 8 adjustable levels to tailor your workout level.
  • Fixed gentle incline .
  • Multi-function computer including speed, distance, calories, odometer, time and scan functions.
  • Easily transported and stored – simple locking pin mechanism with built in wheels for ease of movement
  • Suitable for users up to 220lbs.
  • 12 month warranty.
  • Product footprint : 19.1 x 47.2
  • Size when folded : 48 (h) x 7.9 (d).
  • Box dimensions : 52.1 x 24.4 x 9.3.
  • Weight : 46.9lbs


Confidence Fitness Manual Treadmill is well received because it has a smooth-running deck and a belt that runs continuously even when used for a long time. The recline is manageable and adds the challenge to the workout.

The incline makes the body exert more effort and burning calories will be faster. The machine can be used anywhere in the house and is easy to transport, and users can multitask while exercising.

The incline can also help in burning more fat faster than electric treadmills. However, the machine can be difficult to use, especially for users who are not used to walking on an inclined surface.


Buying a high-quality treadmill is a choice that will be determined by the user’s skills. Some treadmills, whether electric or manual, come with resistance levels that not all people may be accustomed to. The machine is supposed to challenge the body to work up a sweat.

However, the Confidence Fitness Manual Treadmill should be compatible with the level of doing exercise to lessen frustrations. If the machine is too hard to use, users should take small steps and be patient in establishing an exercise routine.

The body will burn more energy if it is challenged. The bigger the challenge, the faster will the fat be shed.

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