Does Your Treadmill Really Need To Fold?

If you are thinking about getting a treadmill and then you realized that a foldable treadmill is one of the handiest features out there. You would not be alone; it is such an awesome feature and it allows you to virtually get rid of any evidence of your living room workout should you be having any guests over or want to do some cleaning around the house.

One other thing that adds to the bonus of a foldable treadmill is wheels. Not all foldable treadmills come with wheels, but they make moving a folded treadmill even easier. Folding treadmills come as both manually foldable, as well as electronically foldable; the latter of the two being the easiest and requiring hardly any physical effort.

What is a foldable treadmill?

Basically a foldable treadmill allows you to lift the base of the treadmill up and put it next to the console. This allows for a lot less space to be taken up in the room, and makes for a lot more storage options. If you still can’t wrap your head around it, basically the whole bottom of the treadmill is lifted up off the ground and made into one piece that stands in an upright position.

Many fold up treadmills also have wheels on the underside of the treadmill allowing you to easily transport the treadmill around your house without scratching up the floor or having to use physical labor to haul the treadmill around. The one major consideration when it comes to folding treadmills is the stability of the unit.

It takes some work but it can really be worth your time to read over customer reviews of the folding treadmill you are thinking about purchasing in order to make sure the unit is still stable and is of a good quality. A good way to know if the treadmill is of a good quality is to check and see how long the manufacturer’s warranty lasts for.

This is a good indicator because if the manufacturer backed parts they knew would break, they would just be losing money on the product and that would not be good business.

Why do you need a foldable treadmill?

Buying a foldable treadmill at least gives you the option of having more space available in the room. When you see the most amazing piece of furniture on sale you can just fold up your treadmill and use the additional space, rather than having to get rid of it and buy a new one.

You need a foldable treadmill so that you don’t have a tripping hazard laying on your floor, the last thing you want is a guest to come over and hurt themselves because you didn’t take the time to put away the treadmill; something that may not even be possible if you don’t get one that folds. A folding treadmill is also ideal for when you need to vacuum the floors, mop or sweep because otherwise it can be a lot harder to clean up the dust and grime that gets underneath your treadmill.

Although you may argue that hauling your treadmill around gives you a good workout, years down the road do you really still want to be moving it around? Think about the future when making big purchases like this and then you will realize how much of a difference such a small feature makes.

How to choose the best foldable treadmill:

Choosing the best foldable treadmill is by no means an easy task. You want something reliable and you want something that both fits in the space you want to store the treadmill, as well as the location that you are actually going to be using the unit in.

Once you decide that a folding treadmill is the way to go; you have to decide on what kinds of features are best for you. You can get a folding treadmill that folds manually, but you have to be strong as well as willing to risk getting your fingers pinched. A manually folding treadmill can be no problem though.

When folding up a manually folding treadmill you have to be careful and use a bit of muscle and it will do the job just fine. If you want to go to a bit of a higher class treadmill you will find that the majority of them come with a special shock that helps you fold up the treadmill so that you don’t have to lift it up purely by your own muscle.

In fact, some treadmills even have a shock that helps you to lower the treadmill so you don’t have to really do anything when it comes to the foldable aspect of the unit. Just remember not to buy a treadmill solely based on the fact that it has an awesome folding feature. Tons of treadmills on the market today are capable of folding no matter how big your budget.

To conclude:

You have to decide what is best for your own situation. Make sure you do the proper measurements of both your storage area as well as where you are going to place the product so that you don’t panic when it arrives and it is too big for the space that you have available.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to get a manually folding treadmill, or one powered by a shock, a foldable treadmill has a huge advantage over a standard treadmill. Foldable treadmills are way easier to transport and you are a lot less likely to break a foldable treadmill while moving it than you are moving a one piece heavy duty treadmill.

Just remember to do the proper research before purchasing and take into account the sturdiness of the unit as well as the other important features that a treadmill possesses such as engine size, console features, incline options and belt size. Purchasing a folding treadmill is by no means an easy task and there are a lot of factors to take into account.

Hopefully this article has given you some information to help you with your decision making process and get you well on your way to buying your treadmill.

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