How to Choose a Treadmill Workout for Seniors

If you are looking for the best treadmill workout for seniors you will need to develop a solution which works for yourself. Since most advice is for younger people, it might be a good choice to start looking into how a program differs for seniors, what they`re needs are and what basic elements fuel those workouts.

As we age, our metabolism changes. It becomes slower and our bodies get tired quicker. But this is not to say that we cannot use a treadmill or live a fulfilling life, we just need to learn how to adapt with age.

A treadmill workout will always be one of the fastest and most efficient solutions for weight maintenance or energy. A treadmill workout can also represent a good way to relax the brain, as studies show that sport has the capacity of improving our general state of mind.

But where do you start and how do you ensure your treadmill efforts are correct and that they won`t come with any injury risks?

Start small

Before jumping on the treadmill, you need to ensure the basics are in place. The basics can include a simple stretching routine, drinking a glass of water or simply getting dressed in sports clothes which are comfortable for a treadmill.

You will also want to consider that using a treadmill as an elderly person doesn`t mean you have to constantly push yourself, even if you feel you can still do it. The best way to approach a treadmill program for seniors is with small steps.

Focus on quality over quantity

There is no purpose to walking on a treadmill for hours if you don`t feel good or begin to feel uncomfortable. This is why you need to ensure you keep your workouts relatively short and performed as correctly as possible.

It means you will have to maintain a good posture throughout the exercise. Your pace should also be as constant as possible without sudden changes in rhythm.

This is one of the areas which are not discussed enough with treadmill manufacturers. Elderly people need to increase and decrease effort in a much more controlled manner which will not affect their focus or balance.

Assess the results

When you begin working out on a treadmill everything is exciting and new. As most fitness enthusiasts will say, this phase passes quickly and you are left with determination and pushing for results to fuel your progress.

Many fitness coaches refrain from giving advice on results for the elderly. But these results don`t have to be unrealistic but rather focused on improving determination and the will to keep working out every day.

Thus, many people just ditch physical activity because they don`t see an immediate purpose in it. This can be easily prevented by monitoring your progress in terms of time, speed or burnt calories and trying to improve in time.

Sure, this improvement will not come over night. But if you keep working out every day you will get see a better cardiovascular health and an improved toning of the muscles.

Make the most out of heart-rate monitors

Heart-rate monitors are important for all ages. They provide a real-time indicator of the level of effort you put in each workout.

As the treadmill is made for keeping an elevated rate for a longer period of time, you can ensure you measure your rate both for performance and for safety reasons. The good news is that these sensors are usually built-in the handlebars and you can hold them for an exact reading.

Some other solutions may involve using a chest strap or a smartwatch. But if your treadmill allows this advanced function, you should make the most of it and use it to your advantage not only for the purpose of the workouts but also to improve your general well-being.

Don`t forget about nutrition

As we age our body seems to slow down with digestion. This is an important element, especially for active people who need increased calories, vitamins and minerals for optimum performance.

A good way to start with nutrition is to eat healthier food sources. Make sure your basics are in place. These include proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and plenty of water.

The truth is that without proper nutrition there is no optimum physical activity. But the good news is that by this time you should already know how your body reacts to certain foods.

You should use this knowledge to improve your nutrition and fuel your daily physical activities and the treadmill program.

Sleep is important

Sleeping is also very important with a treadmill workout for seniors. Although you might feel that you don’t need to sleep as much, your body recuperates when you rest.

Make sure you are well rested before intense workouts. This can be a fantastic tool to help you avoid feeling dizzy or sick and it may even keep you away from injuries.  A good sleeping routine will also keep your mind more alert.

When you look for the best treadmill workout for seniors you need to consider that the basic elements of health play a much more important role than with young people.

Younger fitness enthusiasts may benefit from a sharper metabolism which can balance a bad nutrition or lack of sleep in a certain day. When you get older, this might not be the case anymore.

This is why you need to actively make efforts to keep the basics in place. Good eating habits, drinking plenty of water, sleeping well are just the starting point.

You also need a good warm-up routine and a steady pace through the workouts to avoid any unpleasant situations. The good news is that you can still use a treadmill as an elderly person.

Even at your pace, your cardiovascular health needs proper stimuli to maintain normal ranges. If you want to make sure this is at the best possible level, you need to workout at your own pace every day, with some days off when you feel you need more rest.

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