Make Your Treadmill Last Longer with Proper Maintenance

Treadmills are a reliable piece of fitness equipment which is why lots of health-conscious individuals have started purchasing one for their home gym. However, to fully appreciate its functions for a longer time, you have to give it proper maintenance. You have to clean and prevent dust from accumulating on the equipment, learn how to oil a treadmill and more.

Fitness equipment companies often suggest to users that an annual maintenance by a professional technician should be done just so the treadmill’s functions will be on point.

Here are some of the things that can help you when it comes to maintaining your treadmill.

Check the state of the treadmill frequently.

A malfunctioning fitness unit can be risky, and it can lead to serious injuries if not taken care of pronto. Because of this alone, you must check the device before every workout if it still operates favorably. Look for loose screws or bolts and check if the running deck is dry as well.

If things are dry there, it will require greasing. The steps on how to oil a treadmill will be discussed later on. Furthermore, users have to inspect the belt for indications of wear too.

Clean the fitness equipment following every use.

After using the treadmill, it is recommended that you always keep it neat and tidy. Rid the machine of sweat through wiping with a clean, moderately damp rag or towel. Make sure that you focus your attention on areas like the handrails, the console, and the frame.

Metal parts must be inspected to guarantee that they are dry. The walking deck’s borders must be cleaned once or twice every week since it tends to trap grime, debris and dust more. Remember that dirt can hasten wear and tear so make sure to keep the treadmill clean at all times.

Keep the deck clean

The treadmill’s deck is touted as the costliest component of the machine, so you have to pay attention to the said part. Several treadmill decks need a waxing procedure, and the wax must be rubbed on by the user.

However based on the model, in case the equipment includes an internal tank, see to it that the tank is always full. Wipe the deck with a clean, soft cloth at least once every seven days.

Set up the belt’s tension.

If you noticed that the running belt is now prone to slipping underneath your feet while using the equipment, this translates to a loosening treadmill. The running belt’s tension must frequently be inspected as well. This procedure is not that complicated though since all you have to do is raise the center of the belt on the treadmill’s side.

When you have done this, you must be capable of raising 10 cm off of the treadmill’s deck. If the belt displays signs of tightness or loosening, you can make use of the roller bolts on the treadmill’s back end to modify it to the rate suggested by the manufacturer or company.

Carry out routine maintenance steps to the treadmill.

Accomplishing routine maintenance to fitness equipment is crucial in making sure that it will always be in excellent condition. Before the maintenance procedures though, users should take utmost care to disconnect the device from the power source before a cleanup. This prevents the dangers of electric shock.

Users should also confirm that the power cable is disengaged before doing any maintenance procedure on the equipment. Check its motor every month and get rid of dust particles which can build up if not taken care of right away.

Information about Lubricating Treadmill Belts

Do you want to maintain the functions of treadmill components like the motor, motor controller, belt, and deck? Experts often recommend that a lubrication process must be carried out every six months for 150 miles and prevent early wear and tear on the treadmill particularly on those mentioned spots.

Lubing the unit will also help the treadmill to produce minimal noise and decrease friction between the deck of the treadmill and belt. It will take only a few minutes of your time, and it is easy on the pocket.

But before we tackle how to oil a treadmill, we have to know the kind of oil used on treadmills first. The oil that is used to grease treadmills differs from model to model. However, it usually comes with an artificial composite that is free from petroleum jelly.

Some models with shock absorbers or incline functions need lubrication before first use. Do not make use of home oils and lubricants since most of these oils do contain petroleum material.

It is important to note that not all oils and lubricants can be used, and when making uninformed choices, can spell the difference between properly and improperly utilizing your machine.

The common household oils and lubricants should be instantly be disqualified as alternatives because they usually contain silicone or WD-40. The particular petroleum distillate component can cause rapid deterioration of the parts applied on.


The treadmill is an essential to any gym. Thus it should be taken care of properly. Take away any, grime, dirt, and dust coming from components that take in the oil to guarantee that the oil lubricates the moving parts correctly.

The best time to perform lubrication process for lighter usage is every six months, lesser than 3 hours every week. For medium use, it is recommended that users must grease the treadmill every three months for medium and heavy usage.

Keep in mind that each treadmill brand and model might need a certain kind of oil to lubricate the moving components. This oil comes with the starter kit together with the general tools with particular information in the manufacturer’s manual.

Now, for the steps on how to oil a treadmill:

  1. Switch off the treadmill and unplug the power cable from the electrical outlet. Make use of a screwdriver to slacken the screws on the machine’s sides.
  2. Raise every side of the treadmill belt gently so you can see the surface of the deck and you can see throughout the other end without problems.
  3. Spray lubricant on the sides of the deck, making sure not to drip oil on the floor. Wipe away any extra lube with a cloth or towel.
  4. Lower the belt and re-tighten the screws and be certain that they are secure.
  5. Plug back the treadmill and switch it on. Try walking on it at a 1 mph speed for around 5 minutes. This will guarantee that the lubricant will spread consistently all over the surface of the deck and spread out to the center.

Be sure to check out our article on best treadmill lubricants.

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