The Merit Fitness 715t Plus Treadmill


The Merit Fitness 715t is no longer available. We highly recommend you check out one of our readers favorites, the Weslo Cadence G 59.

So you have been debating about losing weight for the past few years and you are still stuck? Most likely, this is because you have not yet decided if it is necessary. Alternatively, you know it is necessary but you don’t know just how to go about it.

The fact is, you need to maintain the recommended weight because too much weight is accompanied by many complications, ranging from complications of the vital organs such as the heart, liver, and kidney to psychosocial and emotional complications. Nothing positive is gained by being overweight.

With that said, let us explore one of the most sustainable ways of maintaining a healthy body. You know that dieting is just a fad, and unsustainable, right? The surest way to cut weight and keep it at bay for good is by exercising. And what better machine to use for exercise than the treadmill?

One of the more popular treadmills is The Merit Fitness plus Treadmill. It comes with specifications that cater for the most basic needs of a training enthusiast and is sure to keep you on your feet all the time. Let us explore some of the features that make it a good pick. Let us explore some of the features that make this affordable treadmill one of the favorites on the market today.


  • 25 Horse power motor, ideal for home use
  • 65’’ rollers that keep the belt moving steadily
  • 2 window LED display that tracks your distance, time, speed, pace heart rate, and calories burned
  • Spacious 18”×45” work out area for maximum training space
  • Aero soft cushioning system protectsbyour feet and legs from shock
  • Foldable frame that saves space and ensures easy storage
  • 7 workout programs for variety and challenge
  • 10% incline that helps you stretch target muscles
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame


  • It is quite affordable thus can be bought off-budget
  • Easy to set up and dismantle in case you are moving house.
  • The construction is sturdy thus comfortable and safe
  • It is quiet when in use, which helps you fully concentrate
  • The safety strap ensures you are well secured should you trip
  • A variety of simple preset exercises to choose from
  • Water bottle holder helps keep water near for replenishing your energy levels.
  • Built-in tablet ledge lets you listen to music, or watch short clips to help you extend your training time.
  • Can be folded away to free up space
  • Life-time warranty on the frame which gives you a peace of mind


  • The rollers are somehow small, shortening the life-span of the machine
  • The track is not maintenance- free and needs regular lubrication.


The Merit Fitness plus treadmill is certainly a great machine, no doubt. It is quite affordable considering the many features it offers, which cannot be found in machines within its price range. It is has a wide and long training track that allows you ample room for training.

It features a foldable track that you simply fold and keep away when not in use. It comes with seven built-in workout options to keep monotony away. It has a 10% incline that lets you exert the muscles and test your endurance to a very high level.

It also features an LCD screen display that monitors your heart rate, speed, distance, and calories burned. Furthermore, it has a safety strap that secures you in place should you trip. It even has a tablet ledger that allows you to connect to the web to watch clips or listen to music.

This will certainly keep you motivated to train longer. This machine also features a bottle holder where you keep water or juice to help replenish your energy levels. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, which is reassuring about its quality, even though the two-year guarantee on parts falls a little below expectation.


There are some other treadmills in the market Well, let us compare the Merit Fitness Pluss treadmill with the 3G Pro Runner Treadmill, with which they share a number of features.

For one, both of them are relatively small, occupying minimal space, thus ideal for home use. Then they are easy to assemble and foldable which makes them easy to store when not in use.  They also come with built-in programs that let you choose the types and intensity of exercise routines.

For instance, they have incline functions of various tilts, which you can adjust according to the intensity and speed that you want. The 3G Pro Runner has a steeper incline of 15% while the Merit Fitness Treadmill can incline up to 10%, which is good enough for muscle exertion and endurance training.

The Merit Treadmill also has a tablet ledger that lets you listen to music as you exercise, which will keep you motivated and extend your training session. When it comes to price, the difference is quite wide, with the Merit Fitness model coming out as the more affordable of the two.

Actually, it retails at slightly less than a third the price of the 3G Pro Runner, which makes it appealing to the budget-conscious. The two machines both offer a lifetime warranty on the frame. The 3G Pro Runner offers a lifetime warranty on the motor too, while the Merit Fitness extends its cover on the motor for two years.


The Merit Fitness plus treadmill is the machine that will sort you out if you are a beginner, starting your exercise regime. It comes easy on the pocket, yet helps you achieve your weight-loss goals at the same time. The machine is sturdily built, requires minimal installation procedures, uses very little space and has more extra features that are hardly ever found in machines within this price range.

If you can overlook the little inconvenience of the short warranty period on the motor, we highly recommend this product since all the other features can simply make up for this.

So, you have no excuse for not keeping that weight in check. This fabulous machine will ensure that you meet all your exercise goals without being heavy on the pocket. What you have to do now is to gather the willpower, avoid procrastinating and get yourself the Merit Fitness plus Treadmill.

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