NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill Review

The NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill: Running Towards Your Health

Healthy eating has become such a part of our society today. More people are concerned with where their food is coming from and whether it will improve or harm to their body. There has been a surge of vegans, vegetarians, lactose-free, and gluten-free people, due to the health benefits.

However, healthy foods alone cannot boost health. Exercise is one of the most important things in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and live longer. It has been proven to be such an integral part to keep your heart strong and your mind alert.

Even though it comes with so many benefits, starting to exercise is incredibly challenging for most people. It requires a new routine, finding what you are going to do, learning what exercises are best and how to do them safely.

There are multitudes of options available to you to exercise, that it can be quite the daunting task to make a decision. On top of that, beginning to work out is a financial investment and you want to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck!

Of course, the first thing you will have to judge is whether to start working out at a gym or if you would rather work out from home. With long days at work, and also taking care of a family, many choose the latter option.

One of the best devices to begin working from home is the treadmill. They are easy to use, provide a fantastic cardio workout, and many come with additional technological features. They are an investment, however, with many exceeding over $1000.

One of the brands on the market today is the NordicTrack C990 Treadmill.


The NordicTrack C990 Treadmill comes with many features to enhance your health and provide you with a fantastic way to work out from home. Some of these features include:

  • Stay In Control of the entire workout with fully equipped 7-inch web-enabled touchscreen
  • View your speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, incline, decline
  • Large easy to read display
  • 0 chip drive system
  • Train safer, longer and quieter
  • Built with a bigger motor- causing less vibration and dual cooling fans
  • 0-12% incline with just a touch of a button
  • Quickly change your workout intensity/variety to your training
  • 32 preloaded workouts designed by Certified personal trainers
  • Choose from calorie, heart rate control, incline, and speed workout programs
  • 20 by 60 inch tread belt, specifically designed to reduce noise and friction


  • Incredible Touch Screen System-very high end
  • Really easy to move as it is on wheels
  • Comfortable to run on
  • Strong warranty
  • Sturdy
  • Great Look
  • So many additional pre-set workouts to choose from
  • Quiet


  • A bit difficult to put together if you do not have previous experience with machinery


  • Interactive Personal Training at Home powered by iFit; gain access to on demand, interactive trainer led global and studio workout programs; membership required, sold separately
  • Immersive 7” HD Touchscreen Display, AutoBreeze workout fan, and FlexSelect cushioning for a comfortable run
  • 12% Automatic Incline Matching technology, 12 MPH SMART speed adjustment; spacious 20” x 60” tread belt. Reduced Vibration
  • Enjoy reduced motor noise and self cooling technology with a powerful 3.0 CHP* Motor perfect for running, jogging, and walking in the comfort of your home
  • Innovative SpaceSaver design with EasyLift Assist means your treadmill can fold up after your run for compact, simple storage


As I stated before, treadmills are a financial investment as they do range over $1000. However, if you find a good one, it can save you a lot of money on gym memberships, and also is much better on your body than running on pavement.

I always recommend for anyone buying a treadmill, or any workout product for that matter, to always go to a store in person to stand on it for yourself. Working out and comfort ability is different depending on your size/weight/goals, and while I do recommend making the actual purchase online, do not buy without standing on the product itself.

All that being said I do fully recommend the NordicTrack C990 Treadmill for all of your at home workout needs. First and foremost, the web-enabled touchscreen system is worth the price alone.

It comes with so many features to enhance your workout experience and keep track of your weight-loss, calorie burn, and monitor your heart rate. It also electronically can change the incline and decline, letting you raise the intensity of the workout.

Also, the 32 preloaded workouts are super fantastic, and have been put together by certified personal trainers (who cost a lot at a gym). The NordicTrack is a great, state of the art system that blends technology with working out. Go out and buy it!

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