ProGear 190 Power Walking Electric Treadmill with Heart Pulse Sensors Review

It has been found out through medical research that sticking to a regular exercise and fitness regimen enhances both an individual’s mental and physical health. In fact, even walking at a brisk rate every week can help decrease the risks of several health conditions that are connected with aging.

The majority of individuals cannot keep by a walking routine though due to the stress put on their joints, muscles, and bones. Walking on treadmills has turned into a popular choice for fitness-conscious people.

Many people are now creating their own gyms at home and investing on a quality treadmill is a priority for most. If you want to know more about electric treadmills, you can check out this review of the ProGear 190 Power Walking Electric Treadmill with Heart Pulse Sensors.


  • Can accommodate light jogging and walking routines.
  • Includes safety clip which will halt treadmill when required.
  • Includes heart pulse sensors so users can remain within their Target Heart Rate Zone.
  • Speed can be modified in 1/10 mph increments to a max of 6
  • Includes bottle holder
  • Convenient design allows for placement in limited-size homes or apartments.
  • Has treadmill belt size of 15” W x 42” L
  • Requires assembly, can be folded and moved easily due to transportation wheels.
  • LCD window screen shows distance walked, calories burned, heart pulse, speed and elapsed time.
  • Has set up weight of 75 lbs.
  • Backed by a five-year extended limited warranty; five years for the frame, five years for motor and 90 days for other parts.


The electric treadmill is an excellent invention—it gives plenty of individuals the opportunity to have a healthier and fit body. It is an ideal means to get into the workout habit, and the treadmill provides a good number of workouts on the equipment to enhance or maintain your objective.

Working out on a treadmill is a good means for beginners to get into the groove of exercise and it will eventually lead them to try out more advanced ways to improve their health and strength.

Lots of electric treadmills today like this 190 Power Walking model from ProGear now shows users their medical data on the provided LCD or LED screen like for instance, calories burned and heart rates. People often allow too much for themselves and go hardcore and surpass comfort levels.

However, this can have dire effects on your health. Before getting into more advanced fitness routines, it is wise that you talk this one over with your physician first before working out and ask your doctor what type of fitness routine is safe for you and will fit you best. The doctor will also tell you to mind important information like the heart rate and more.

The motor on the ProGear 190 can offer speed up to 6 mph. So it offers sufficient amounts that will accommodate activities like jogging and walking. Power walkers often exercise at speeds that range between 4.5-5.5 mph. These speeds will help users lose fat, tone the muscles and it will help people maintain their weight and strength.

The speed settings of the unit can be incrementally modified using the console’s electronic controls. Users can also keep track of their heart rate by means of hand grip sensors. Training by staying within your target heart zones will help improve your cardiovascular level and weight loss. By working out in those scopes, the user’s body will be able to take on calories and enhance endurance.

Compared to walking or jogging out of doors, a treadmill provides the convenience of working out in the comfort of your own home plus shock absorption benefits. You can watch TV while walking or jogging on it or listen to your favorite music. As soon as you are finished using the treadmill, you can fold the item for storage.

Electric treadmills are notorious for being bulky and heavy items. They are often difficult to move around, but not when it comes to this product. It can be folded up and it has transportation wheels to make moving the treadmill from one point at home to another is made easier and convenient.

The motor of the unit makes use of Quiet Drive which decreases any noise during walking, so there won’t be any sound interference with music or televisions. It has extended handlebars which allow users to maintain their balance while jogging or walking. It can accommodate speed walking and light jogging activities.

The heart pulse monitoring is there so users can remain in their target heart rate zones and its speed can be adjusted incrementally by 1/10 mph. It has a water bottle holder as well so users can stay hydrated during workouts and it can be assembled and folded up easily right after a workout.


  • Tested up to 230lbs of user weight
  • Steel Frame with powder coated finish, Wide side rails for safety
  • Oversized belt rollers provide a very smooth and consistent walking experience
  • Incline adjustments feature quick and easy 2 position incline levels of 6 and 10 degrees
  • Longer handles with foam grips provide for walking security and loss of balance


The name of the product says it all—it is a treadmill designed for power walking and it can also accommodate light jogs. It has a belt surface of only 16 inches by 14 inches which makes running on the platform impossible.

Running on such a smaller platform can lead to severely reduced runs, which renders your running routine inefficient. The top speed that it offers is only 6 mph, so for avid seasoned runners, this might not be enough for them.


As you begin looking for treadmills that offer reasonable prices yet at the same time, offer excellent quality features and construction, you may be interested in the ProGear 190 Power Walking Electric Treadmill with Heart Pulse Sensors.

This is a treadmill that is well-designed for walking and even slight jogging, with excellent parts and a superior warranty. It does offer a smaller belt surface and only 6 mph of speed, too. Thus it will not cater to the needs of a seasoned runner as the name of the product implies.

The treadmill is pretty solid due to its 275 lbs. weight capacity and it has excellent functional parts that make using the unit quiet and smooth throughout. And did we mention its sweet warranty? You will never get to find a treadmill at this offered price with a warranty so flexible. Do check out this electric treadmill if you want something for your walking and jogging workouts.

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