ProGear HCXL 4000 Electric Treadmill Review


The ProGear HCXL 4000 is no longer available. We highly recommend you check out one of our readers favorites, the Weslo Cadence G 59.

The ProGear is an electric treadmill that has a wide and long belt that you can use for jogging and intense brisk walking. The product is great for people who want to have higher levels of cardio.

The belt is 20 inches wide and uses a motor powered by a 1.5 horsepower capacity. The machine can run on a quiet mode for reduced noise.

Jogging is also good on this sturdy treadmill and you can jog as much as 4 mph. It is a well-built machine that can carry people who weigh as much as 400 pounds.

The ProGear HCXL 4000 Electric Treadmill is great for people who want to exercise without leaving the house or go to the gym. You can get on it at any time of the day while watching your favorite TV show or listening to favorite tracks.

You can watch an entire movie and not notice the time while on the machine, which gives your body energy and fitness it needs. It has also a good incline but is still smooth to use because of the built-in suspension.


  • Can carry people who weigh as much as 400 pounds
  • Has a wide belt
  • Motor is 1.5 HP and powerful
  • Can be used for jogging up to 4 mph
  • Can be put on quiet mode
  • Can monitor speed, distance and heart rate
  • Warranty for motor is up to 5 years

Staying fit is much more convenient for a stay at home exercise machine. This product can make users’ routine more manageable.

Having a treadmill at home removes the stress of going to the gym or burning a budget to pay high membership fees to keep healthy.


The ProGear has a sturdy handle and accessible speed controls that can make users’ exercise more manageable. The machine is comfortable to use and walking or jogging can be done for hours.

Exercise buffs will not feel pain or discomfort. The incline is adjustable and can be flat which users can switch according to their ability. There are also power off and on buttons for quick starts.

It has been restated over and over again how this product does not wear out easily, even if it is used continuously by different users each with different routines. The motor runs well and is covered by a 12-month warranty.

The belt is shorter but wider that gives more stability and safety during fast walking or jogging. The handrails are also strong and can support the user well. The unit was easy to assemble and was good to use as soon as it arrived.

There was no need for additional accessories or tools to install it. The unit comes folded in the box and does not need additional lubrication or machine calibration.

The ProGear is stable and has a solid structure. It will not wobble and cause users to fall off when walking or jogging. The machine’s speed can be adjusted to fit the skill level of all users.

The product can even be used by non-expert walkers. Its efficient suspension system makes walking more comfortable and users will not feel strained.

Beginners can easily start with low speed and eventually work on it. Unlike manual treadmills, the machine’s powerful motor ensures the smooth run of the belt for safe workouts.

Overall, this treadmill adequately meets the needs of people who stay at home and there is no need for trips to the gym to get in shape.  People who work from home can have their workout in between tasks while watching TV.  How great is that?


Due to its wide belt and a structure that houses a machine, it is larger than manual treadmills. Because of its size, the product is too bulky and can only be used in the TV room and nowhere else. Small closets will not be enough to store it.

This product is heavy. The weight of the product may cause difficulty in setting it up. Installing the machine is not advised to people with poor knees or back problems.

Post-sales service is poor. The customer service representative has an incomprehensible accent that failed to address post service concerns.

Replacement of parts will be a challenge and it is best that people get advice from sports technicians instead. The product’s warranty only covers repair of the motor.

The product was also poorly sealed and had tape wrapped around it. Tearing up the packaging eventually led to the paint chipping off. Some products’ packaging can get damaged while in transport and this can damage the product.


This particular ProGear Treadmill is durable and safe to use. , which is why it got five stars from 66% of customers on Amazon. The product is great for brisk walking and jogging.

The suspension was good and assembling it is simple. For users who want to monitor their heart rate, they can run on the rails while keeping themselves stable.

The ProGear Treadmill does not wobble or flip over and can be used by people who weigh as much as 440 pounds. Families of 4 to 5 members can use the product daily and the motor will not overheat or wear out.

However, the warranty of the product only covers repair of the motor. Parts replacement will be done by individual efforts and the assistance from the manufacturer is hard to get. Post-sales service is poor and the customer reps are unreliable.


The product is good and many people liked the convenience of exercising at home. Users will be able to maintain an exercise routine that is cost effective.

This machine is similar to what is found in gyms and users can get the same experience from home. The ProGear Treadmill can be used by users with varying skill levels. It is durable and performs well, even over years of use. However, any great product will turn away customers if post sales are poor.

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