Treadmill Brand Comparison

Treadmill Brand Comparison


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With hundreds of treadmill and fitness equipment brands already on the market, and more appearing every day, knowing who to trust can be daunting.  Every brand claims to have the best features, construction and service.  Separating the big talk from the manufacturers who deliver is often a long and pricey process of trial and error.

Below are ten of the most well proven manufacturers of treadmills and fitness equipment on the web.  These makers have thousands of satisfied clients to their name, and some of the most impressive and well valued products you are likely to find!  While no company is without its flaws, you would be hard pressed to find others that build and market their products even half as well.

1. NordicTrack

In the past few years, NordicTrack has become a household name in treadmill manufacturer across the internet.  NordicTrack’sfame can be attributed not only to the high quality of their products, but also their innovative tech features.  Indeed, no other treadmill manufacturer manages to cram quite as many multimedia functions and comfort additions into their treadmills as NordicTrack.

Nearly all treadmills in their lineup come standard with large, easy to read touchscreen displays, smartphone connectivity and powerful fitness applications.  Top of the line models even go as far as to include intelligent cooling fans and WiFi connectivity!  If multimedia features and comfort are your main criteria, its hard to go wrong with a NordicTrack treadmill.

2. Weslo

Weslo is a direct competitor to NordicTrack, putting out treadmills and other fitness products that balance features, performance, quality and design ingenuity.  What Weslo treadmills lack in sheer quantity of hi-tech features, they often make up for in subtle, well though out design additions.

Comparing a Weslo and a NordicTrack treadmill is often difficult, as they frequently go toe-to-toe for features and quality at similar price points.  The decision will often come down to one or two small features that one treadmill boasts, while the other does not.  In short, Weslo is an excellent on par with NordicTrack, and the customer’s choice between the two will largely be up to personal preferences.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness

                When it comes to fitness products, Sunny Health & Fitness is all about simplicity and reliability.  This is particularly evident in all of their treadmills, which often feature relatively barebones features in a long-lasting, quality exuding package.  Many of their treadmills feature nothing more than a large LCD with some preset workout plans and intuitive controls.

However, Sunny Health & Fitness treadmills are notable for excellent space saving features, and compact, easy-to-maneuver form factors.  For users requiring a simple, no-frills fitness product that works as intended and keeps on ticking, it’s hard to hold a candle to Sunny Health & Fitness.

4. Ancheer

Ancheer fitness products straddle the line between minimalist and fully featured, a niche area that very few manufactures can successfully work in.  However, treadmills and other products produced by Ancheer are not judged by their feature set, or lack there of.  Ancheer has made a name for them, particularly in the treadmill market, by producing products with best-in-class durability and maintenance requirements.

For the rare occasion that an Ancheer treadmill does breakdown, their customer service is best in the business.  Their quality service is testified to by innumerable 5 star reviews across the entire web.  For consumers that want to get as close to buying one treadmill for life as possible, treadmills made by Ancheer are a clear choice.

5. Goplus

NordicTrack and Weslo products are excellent investments, but there is no doubt that all of their outstanding features and construction come at a hefty price premium.  Goplus specializes in filling the gap, offering feature sets similar to NordicTrack and Weslo at prices reflecting more spartan, minimalist treadmills.

Like the high-end treadmills they attempt to mimic, Goplus treadmills often sport iPad docks and connectivity, fitness apps and a whole host of monitoring options.  Though they can offer all this at a fraction of the cost, the user pays for the difference in overall quality.  Goplus treadmills are definitely built to a lower standard although, thankfully, this usually comes off in workmanship more so than durability.


                NordicTrack is a leader in the treadmill and fitness industry, both online and offline, and it is plain to see why.  With innumerable happy customers, revolutionary products and outstanding service, they are a fierce competitor and secure industry leader.  For customers who need the most feature packed, high performance treadmills and exercise equipment, NordicTrack delivers.

No company is without its flaws though, even a top seller like NordicTrack.  There is, undoubtedly, a handful of customers who have, for one reason or another, been unsatisfied with the company’s offerings.  For them, Weslo stands as a valued alternative, offering very similar features and quality to NordicTrack treadmills and equipment, but often differing slightly.   As previously stated, the preference between these two fitness giants will often come down to personal preference of the user, and past experiences with either company.

If better prices and simpler, well designed products are more your speed, Sunny Health & Fitness is the token brand.They provide great, simplistic treadmills and fitness equipment that are sure to compliment your workouts.  Though they do not feature the fanciest tech and features like NordicTrack’s and Weslo’s offerings, they are high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Some consumers, who don’t fit the maximalist styles of NordicTrack and Weslo, but need more than the minimalism offered by Sunny Health & Fitness.  For them, there is Ancheer.  Their treadmills straddle the line between featured rich and minimal, making them an excellent go between manufacturer.  Most importantly, they feature renowned durability that ensures an Ancheer will be one of the last treadmills you ever need to buy.

Finally, Goplus has great offerings for customers who want the features of a NordicTrack or Weslo, but can’t quite stomach the price.  However, that is only if those customers are also comfortable sacrificing some quality and longevity for the reduced price.

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