7 Best Treadmills Under $600


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If you’re looking for a reliable and enjoyable way to get in shape, then a treadmill can be just the solution for you. Rather than paying an expensive gym membership you’ll never use, you can instead bring the gym to you by buying a treadmill for your home.

At first, you may think that getting one of these machines would be both expensive and problematic. Aren’t they massive? Fortunately, that’s not a problem. Today we’re going to be looking at the five best treadmills under $600.

Not only are these devices affordable, but they are also designed for home use, meaning that they won’t take up as much room (or electricity) as you might think. These treadmills can help you get into shape without taking over your living space.

So, with that in mind, let’s see what they have to offer.

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How to Choose a Treadmill

Before we start looking at the top models, it’s best if we take a moment to go over the various elements you can find in a personal treadmill. Because the goal is to use this machine on a regular basis, you want to be sure that it will fit your needs.

Here are the most crucial aspects of having a treadmill in your home.


Because we already know that the models we’ll be seeing are within your budget, the next step is figuring out if the size is sufficient for you. When looking at the dimensions of a treadmill, there are several elements to pay attention to the most.


Are you going to be running on your machine or walking? Even if you aren’t in good enough shape to run right now, are you planning on building up to that point? If so, you want a treadmill that has a belt that’s at least 55 inches long. If you are taller than six feet, we recommend at least 60 inches to be safe. If you’re more inclined to walk, then you’ll need at least 40 inches or more.


Getting a treadmill that is too narrow can be a huge pain, especially when running. For that reason, you want to get a model that’s at least 20 inches wide. If you are currently carrying some extra weight, then you may want to get a unit that’s a little wider so that you don’t feel like you’re being caged in. Also, runners will want a belt that’s at least 22 inches wide to ensure that they can avoid banging into the side handles while moving.


If you are planning on getting a treadmill that offers an incline feature, then the height will be crucial to your decision. This factor will be even more vital to understand if you are already tall. Most treadmills add about six to eight inches without an incline, so keep that in mind when figuring you where you will place it.

The other thing to remember is that you should allow for at least a foot or two of clearance above your head when at the full incline for safety reasons. Thus, if the ceiling is shorter or there are any obstacles (i.e., fans or light fixtures), try to avoid them as much as possible.


Another critical factor in deciding the right size for your treadmill is how it will fit into your space. Ideally, you will have about three feet of clearance on either side, with another eight feet behind. This extra room is designed for safety, so try to get as close to it as possible.

That being said, we understand that you may be limited in your options. However, you should still strive to keep at least some clearance on all sides of your treadmill (i.e., avoid putting it against the wall) if possible.

Control Panel

If you’re like most people, one thing that keeps you motivated throughout your exercise experience is tracking your vitals. Being able to count things like calories burned and your heart rate can help ensure that you stick with your workout.

That being said, here are some common elements you may want your treadmill’s control panel to include.

Heart Rate Monitor: if you really want to lose weight, you have to keep your heart rate elevated

Calorie Counter: see how many calories you’re burning while walking or running. Just be sure that it’s based on weight and age for accuracy

Program Presets: if you want to challenge yourself, you can get a treadmill with various workout options built-in

Entertainment Add-Ons: some high-tech models will allow you to play music or watch videos through the machine itself.

Vital Tracking: one option is to sync your treadmill to an online health tracker so that you can monitor your progress over time.

Storage: do you want to read while walking? You’ll need a shelf. What about a water bottle holder? A place for your smartphone? Pay attention to the storage options that come with your treadmill.

Folding vs. Static

The size of your machine is going to be a critical deciding factor, but you may not be able to dedicate a permanent space for your treadmill. If that’s the case, then you should invest in a folding model.

Folding treadmills make it easier to keep it out of the way when you’re not using it, but not all units are the same. Some of them can fold almost flat so that they can stick in a closet. Others, however, may still take up a lot of room when folded, so keep that in mind.

Another thing to consider is if the treadmill has power assist. This feature allows you to fold it regardless of your physical strength.

Overall, folding treadmills perform the same as static, but you may not be able to find ones with a substantial motor. So, if you’re looking for a high-performance treadmill, you may have to stick with a static model instead.


Because treadmills are motorized, you want to get a unit that can handle the amount of use and abuse it’s going to get. For example, if you plan on running for an hour each day, then you need a more robust motor than if you were going to walk for just four days out of the week.

Treadmills motors are listed by horsepower, so it’s better to find one with more horses if you plan on using it more frequently. Also, more HP means the faster it can go, which is critical if you are going to be running a lot.

One element you should also pay attention to when picking out a motor is the weight limit for the treadmill itself. Most models can carry between 250-400 pounds, but it’s essential that you find one that is rated for at least 50 pounds more than your current weight. Why? Because you won’t strain the motor as much that way.

Finally, see what the top speed of your treadmill is. Most models under $600 are going to offer less MPH than more expensive units, so if you’re really trying to push yourself, you may have to consider paying more for the extra power.

Recommended Treadmills Under $600

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills (6.5S & 6.5Si Models)


Because we’re looking at the best treadmills under $600, most of these are going to be as efficient as they are economical. But in this case, we have the NordicTrack T-Series Treadmill. 

This is one of the best brands on the market that you typically see in commercial gyms. We commend NordicTrack for bringing to the market a treadmill for the average home user that is in the affordable under $600 range!

If this fits your budget, look no further and buy it. Seriously, this is hands down, your best buy in this price range.

Check out this video that talks about their features you won’t find anywhere else in this price range:

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XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black

Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill with Device Holder, Shock Absorption and Incline

SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Treadmill – Electric Foldable Exercise Fitness Machine

MaxKare Folding Treadmill Electric Motorized Running Machine 17” Wide Tread Belt w/Incline LCD Display and Cup Holder

ASUNA Space Saving Treadmill, Flat Folding with Speakers for AUX Audio Connection

Final Verdict

Overall, in trying to find the best treadmill under $600, we are looking for the one that provides the most options and best performance. In that case, we have to say that the NordicTrack T Series Treadmills (6.5S & 6.5Si Models) meets and exceeds our expectations.

It has the most technology packed into it than any other brand. One of the biggest problems with a home treadmill is actually using it! Keeping it interactive with iFit is a small cost to pay every month but it will make you get an ROI out of the purchase of the treadmill.

No matter your fitness level, you can get everything you need from the NordicTrack T Series Treadmills (6.5S & 6.5Si Models), which is why it’s our top pick.

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