The Best Choice Products Portable Treadmill: A Simple, Portable Workout Companion

The never-ending quest for a healthier body has us constantly searching for the best equipment to get us there.  Unfortunately, the hundreds of choices that we cannot make sense of riddle the search.  This is especially true of treadmills, which can vary greatly between feature packed multimedia centers and simple motor-driven belts.

Despite all the hype surrounding intelligent, WiFi connected treadmills, there is still a large market for simple users who want basic treadmill functionality.  The best runners and walkers know that sometimes less is more.  Extra features can often get in the way of a quick and simple workout, especially for users who don’t need extra motivation from a flashy LCD screen.

For customers who want a simple, reliable, and compact treadmill, Best Choice Products have thankfully made the choice easy.  The Best Choice Products Portable Treadmill offers modestly powerful, very reliable motor driven operation in a compact, folding form factor.  What it lacks in fancy features, it makes up for in simplicity of use and reliability.

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  • An 800W Motor with a speed range of 0.5mph to 7.5mph
  • Five preset speeds at 0.5mph, 2.0mph, 4.0mph, 5.5mph and 7.5mph, all available at the push of a button
  • Speed can be fine tuned between the presets via an adjustment button on the treadmill’s console
  • Three workout programs featuring different combinations of speed and time
  • Both console and handles feature interactive elements for controlling the treadmill, including speed controls and start and stop buttons
  • Hand grips that function as heart rate measuring devices
  • Monitor distance, speed, time, and calories burned in real time, either individually or all at once using the scan function
  • Two water bottle holders attached to either side of the console
  • A media shelf that can hold books, tablets, or other entertainment devices during your workout
  • Portable design that can be folded up and rolled around for storage when not in use
  • Includes a safety key to protect your purchase from accidental damage due to coming apart while in storage
  • 48 inches in length, 24 inches in width and 48 inches in height
  • Weighs in at 59.5 pounds
  • Supports users weighing up to 250 pounds


  • Powerful motor unit and large speed range provides users with a variety of workout options, and supports many levels of athlete
  • Preset speeds make it quick and easy to track your progress,get your workout started, and adjust pace mid-workout
  • Fine speed adjustment allows comfort adjustment for users to who do not comfortably fall into one of the treadmills presets
  • Push button speed adjustment close at hand keeps you safe and focused during your workout
  • Three customizable workout programs let users plan for different workouts, and dial them in at the touch of a button
  • Hand grip heart rate monitors are accurate, and allow for better estimation of overall fitness, workout intensity and calorie burn
  • Monitoring of multiple workout parameters allows you to keep close tabs on your workout progress
  • Water bottle holders provide easy access to hydration mid-workout
  • Media shelf allows safe multi-tasking during workouts, decreasing boredom and improving productivity on tight schedules
  • Portable folding design and low weight makes the Best Choice Products Portable Treadmill ideal for even the tiniest apartments
  • Assembly is extremely quickly and easy
  • Operation of the treadmill is fairly quiet when compared to many similar treadmills
  • Excellent customer service


  • Relatively low top speed may not be sufficient for high level athletes who run at a faster pace
  • Pre-programmed workouts only alter speed and time, no controls for incline
  • Scan feature does not allow all monitoring options to be seen at once, making observation of multiple workout parameters tedious
  • Low max weight makes this treadmill unsuitable for much heavier users
  • Hand grip heart rate monitors are awkward to use for individuals who don’t like holding the handles while running
  • Very small belt space provides little room for side to side machine or larger strides
  • Plastic construction feels somewhat flimsy


  • AUTOMATIC/MANUAL SPEED SETTINGS: Conveniently switch between preset speeds of 0.5, 2, 4, 5.5, and 7.5 mph, or adjust via -/+ push buttons for more options
  • 3 PRE-SET WORKOUTS: Choose between Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced modes to get the perfect workout for the level at which youre most comfortable
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: Track distance, speed, time, and calorie counts on the screen, while the handles have speed settings, start/stop buttons, and heart rate sensors
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Easily folds down, and built-in wheels make it even easier to roll it from one room to another so you can get a workout in anywhere around the house
  • EXERCISE CONVENIENTLY: The control console is designed with 2 water bottle holders and a media shelf for tablets, books, remotes, and phones; OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 48(L) x 24(W) x 48(H); Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Best Uses

 The compact design and low noise of the Best Choice Products Portable Treadmill make it ideal for cramped apartments.  It will do equally well in other spaces where storage room and neighbour proximity are at a premium.

Considering its relatively low top speed, it is more suited to casual users than hardened athletes running at top speed are.  This proves especially true when one considers the very small footprint of the treadmill’s belt.  In general, the Portable Treadmill will appear more to casual fitness enthusiasts who don’t require a plethora of extra features.

This treadmill’s low weight and size may also make it at home with users who are not physically capable of moving a heavier treadmill.  Best Choice Products have clearly considered the routine walker when making their designs.  This category of athlete will have no worries about the lower belt speed, and won’t have to concern themselves with a needlessly heavy apparatus.

The user programmable workouts are especially useful for runners who like varying their workouts.  By having multiple programs for speed work, long runs and intervals, users can cover the basis of an entire running program.


 Despite aiming at the portable, minimalist treadmill market, Best Choice Products crams a surprising multitude of features into the Portable Treadmill.  Its space saving, low noise engineering and lightweight make it the perfect fitness solution for small spaces and close quarters.

What the Portable Treadmill lacks in power and technology, it readily makes up for in reliability and ease of use.  Malfunctions and breakdowns are extremely rare on this model, and the Portable Treadmill will serve for several years.

If users demand the latest features and maximum power, the Best Choice Products Portable Treadmill may fall short of expectations.  However, for consumers requiring a minimalist treadmill that emphasizes space savings, the Best Choice Products Portable Treadmill is top of its class!

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